Covid-19 Update


Last Updated: July 1, 2020

Thank you for choosing AXIS Dance Competition as one of your 2020 Competitions. We have been keeping a close eye on national and international updates about the Corona Virus COVID-19), as the health and well-being of everyone in attendance at our events is of the utmost priority to us. Here you will find our latest event updates regarding Covid-19. We will be updating this page frequently, in addition to our social media pages, with the events that are postponed as well as extra precautions that we are taking.


Protocols may change as safety guidelines and restrictions are modified. 

• Our competition and awards will be live streamed, free of charge for those who cannot or

choose to not attend in person to limit the need for spectators.

• Each studio will be assigned specific time blocks for all of their dancers to perform their

routines and can leave immediately following their performance. There will only be one studio

competing at a time.

• Your studio will be assigned 2 personal dressing rooms with a maximum occupancy of 50

people per dressing room. It is recommended that dancers should arrive in full hair and makeup

and in their first costume, ready to perform. This will limit their time in the dressing room.

• Additional cleaning in the dressing rooms as well as the stage, backstage areas, seating areas

and common areas will be done between studio time blocks.

• The schedules will be planned deliberately to minimize the number of studios in the building at

one time. Final schedule will be determined by studio size.

• Each studio time block will have a maximum seating in the ballroom of 50 people with a social

distancing of 6 feet apart.

• 50 color coated wristbands will be allocated for each studio time block to gain entry into the

performance ballroom.

• Adjudication will be presented to a studio representative directly after the studios time slot.

Adjudication will be announced from the stage with no dancers onstage. All additional awards

will be presented later in the day with one studio representative onstage adhering to social

distancing, and 2 studio associates in the ballroom.

• AXIS Dance Competition Staff will be required to wear face masks. Staff will have

temperatures taken and wellness check-ins everyday.

• Hand sanitizer stations will be provided throughout the venue.

• Masks are required for all spectators in order to watch a performer onstage.

• All dancers are required to wear a mask when not performing.

• There will be no scoring deductions for costuming if masks or gloves are used or if a studio

chooses not to dance in costume. Those in high-risk categories are encouraged not to attend.

• Only the performers and one studio representative will be allowed in the backstage area for each

performance. Prop handlers are permitted backstage and must wear a mask/face covering at all

times. Props must be handled solely by the studio handlers. No AXIS staff will be permitted to


• Based on location, additional requirements and protocols will be sent to the studio with the final

schedule prior to the competition.

• We will attempt to have as many floor markers and tape lines as we can to keep traffic flow and

ample space around the facility.

• Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has been ill in the past 14 days should not

attend. Anyone feeling symptoms of Covid-19 should also not attend.

• It is highly recommended that everyone bring their own water to drink.

• If AXIS Dance Competition is canceled due to Covid-19, 100% of all Registration fees will

be refunded.