Award Categories: 

Every routine will receive a Diamond, Platinum, High Gold, Gold, Silver, or Bronze recognition. In addition 1st-5th placement awards will be given in every category and division, dependent on number of entries. A trophy will be awarded to the 1st - 3rd place in all categories and divisions. Medals will be awarded to the 4th and 5th place routines. Overall Top 1, Top 3, Top 5, or Top 10 placements will be recognized based on the number of entries in the Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line / Production Categories. Number of entries will determine Overall Award Groupings. Highest scoring routine of the weekend will receive $100 and a Plaque. Novice and Intermediate Levels will be awarded the same as AXIS Level without the cash prize. 

Photogenic Award:

This award will be presented to the solo contestant judged most photogenic in the 11 & under age division and the 12 & over age division. Each winner will receive a plaque. You must enter the Photogenic Contest on the day of the competition at the registration desk and must be a registered competitor during the current competition season to compete. Please bring a recent 5x7 or 8x10 photo in black & white or color. Please write contestant name and studio on the back of the photo. Contestants will be responsible for obtaining their photo from the registration desk after the photogenic awards are presented. AXIS Dance Competition is not responsible for loss or damages to any photograph submitted. There is a $20 entry fee for our Photogenic Contest. Accepted form of payment will be cash or credit cards only.

Specialty Awards:

Specialty Award ribbons will be presented in the following categories (judges choice)

  • Technique on Fleek
  • Happy Feet
  • Pure Passion
  • Smashin The Fashion
  • Super Sassy
  • High Octane
    Broadway Bound
    Precision Award
    Sparkle Award
    Artistry Award
    Judges Choice

Specialty award plaques will be presented in the following categories (judges / directors choice):

               * Pure Professionalism - Studio Backstage Award
               * Most Entertaining - This award will be presented to the Group, Line or Production deemed most entertaining for the Novice, Intermediate and AXIS Level.
               * The Genre Award - The Genre Award will be presented to the studio with the highest average score of four routines. These routines will be the highest scoring routines in four different categories, taken from all age categories. This only includes Groups, Lines, and Productions. 

  1. Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Open, Musical Theatre
  2. Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical
  3. Tap
  4. Hip Hop

The Choreography Award:

This award will be chosen by the judges at the final awards segment of the competition. This award will be given to the one routine whose choreography most stood out in the collective opinion of the judges. Only AXIS level entries are eligible for this award. The recipient of this award will be presented with a plaque.

The Best of Axis: 

This award will be given to the highest scoring Group, Line or Production in the Novice, Intermediate and AXIS levels. Novice and Intermediate level winners will receive a banner. AXIS level winners will receive a plaque and a $100 check. 


The ThrowDown:

To help our AXIS Dancers grow in the industry we invite all our participants to join us on stage for the AXIS THROWDOWN. This master class doubles as an audition so dancers can show our AXIS Judges who they really are, while gaining valuable auditioning experience. Participants will be taught a high energy routine on the AXIS Stage. While they perform it, the AXIS Judges will be watching for the brightest stars! Dancers also have the opportunity to be awarded a variety of prizes. The AXIS THROWDOWN is only $10 to join. Sign up and get your number at the AXIS MERCHANDISE BOOTH in the lobby when you arrive to competition. If the competition is running ahead of schedule the THROWDOWN will follow that time schedule. Every dancer who enters the THROWDOWN will receive a special gift. One champion and two runner ups will be selected from all age divisions. All THROWDOWN runner ups will receive a certificate. All THROWDOWN champions will receive a medal, certificate, and free solo for the following season. 

Mr. and Miss AXIS ALL STAR:

The Mr. and Miss AXIS All Star competition will consist of three parts, solo, interview and improv. The interview will be short and simple such as name, age, studio and a random age appropriate question. Solo will be 70% of their score, interview will be 15% of their total score and improv will be 15% of their total score. If you wish to have your routine judged for Title, please check the appropriate box while registering your solo online. You may enter as many solos as you wish to be judged for Title. All entries will be judged for Title during the performance of their routine during the Regional Competition. ONLY an AXIS Level dancer is eligible for the Title Competition. All solos entered for Title are also eligible for overall awards. 

There is a $30.00 fee to enter in our Title Competition. At least 3 different contestants must be entered into one of the following age divisions to hold the Title Competition. If only 2 entries are submitted in a Title division, the fee will be refunded. The appropriate attire for interview and improv is dance wear.

Title Competition Age Categories:

  • Miss Petite AXIS All Star 5 - 6 years old
  • Miss Mini AXIS All Star 7 - 8 years old
  • Miss Junior AXIS All Star 9 - 11 years old
  • Miss Teen AXIS All Star 12 - 14 years old
  • Miss Senior AXIS All Star 15 - 19 years old
  • Mr Junior AXIS All Star 11 and under
  • Mr Senior AXIS All Star 12 - 19 years old
  • Miss AXIS All Star Winners will receive a crown, sash, trophy, and a free solo for the following season.
  • Mr AXIS All Star Winners will receive a cap, trophy, and a free solo for the following season.